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Folk Art
Chalkware Lamb
Catalog R231
Bittersweet House Chalkware Lamb

Catalog #R231;

Using self-taught methods, Bittersweet House Folk Art captures the character and warmth of the German folk art tradtion of chalkware and offers unique, hand crafted treasures. While some pieces are crafted using engaging innovative designs, others are inspired by the designs of centuries past. The exacting craftsmanship, colorful design, and finishing of these pieces reflects our historic past and as a result, each piece takes on the feel of a well-loved antique. Finishing expertise and attention to eye-catching details ensure a treasure that will last a lifetime.

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Of note: Cast in chalkware using an antique chocolate mold. The figure measures approx 5 and 1/2 inches wide and will be signed and dated "Bittersweet House Folk Art, K. Campbell, Sherborn, MA".