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Bittersweet House
Folk Art
Chalkware Rabbit
Bittersweet House Chalkware Teddy Bear

Catalog #R500

Bring a piece of New England folk art into your home for the holidays with this hand-crafted chalkware Rabbit. This wonderful piece was handcrafted using an antique chocolate mold.

The art of molding plaster of paris, referred to as chalkware, into holiday treasures is a centuries-old German tradition.

Bittersweet House Folk Art brings together the German tradition of folk art chalkware with the warmth and charm of designs from early American colonial days and offers a unique, hand-crafted treasure that will last a lifetime.

Offered here is a Chalkware Teddy Bear cast using a wonderful highly detailed rare antique German chocolate mold (Anton Reiche, Dresden Germany) and is handpainted, glazed, and antiqued and then adorned with a satin ribbon.
This absolutely charming figure, measuring approx 5 inches by 4 and 3/4 inches , is signed "Bittersweet House Folk Art, K. Campbell, 2006, Sherborn, MA".