Bittersweet House

Chocolate Molds

Hand Painted Santas, Belsnickles

Hand Painted Chalkware Rabbits

Hand Painted Chalkware Lambs

Yelloware Rabbits, Roosters, Lambs

Yelloware Belsnickles and Santas

Halloween Chalkware

Pewter Rabbits and Lambs

Pewter Santas

Beeswax Santas

Beeswax Rabbits and Lambs

Beeswax Halloween Ornaments

Beeswax Christmas Ornaments

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Hand made folk art created from antique chocolate molds by artist Kathryn Campbell.
The art of molding plaster of paris, referred to as chalkware, into holiday treasures
is a centuries old German tradition. Bittersweet House Folk Art offers a unique,
hand crafted treasure that will last a lifetime. Painted with rich saturated colors
and intricate designs, each capturing the warmth and beauty of a special time and the
nostalgia of yesteryear. The inspiration for each piece reflects a love of flora
and fauna, historical art motifs and the beauty of nature.

Catalog Number S602

Chalkware Belsnickle and Hand sculpted paper mache Mushroom