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Hand crafted Beeswax Ornaments

Each Beeswax Ornament is hand crafted using all Natural golden beeswax and antique chocolate molds. The figures have a flat back and a wire hanger inserted into the back for hanging either a homespun ribbon, satin ribbon or gold cord. Please specify which type of hanger you prefer.
Angel Ornaments shown below are referred to as catalog #
AB1, AB2, AB3, AB4, and AB5 from left to right;
Only available with the gold cord. Ornament measures 3 1/2 inches (excluding cord).

Bittersweet House Set of 5 Beeswax Angel ornaments

Beeswax Santa Ornaments. See Prices for each catalog # below
For reference, Santa SB1 measures 5 inches excluding ribbon)

Beeswax Santa ornaments

Beeswax Santa Ornaments. See Prices for each catalog # below:
For reference, Santa SB7 measures approx 3 1/2 inches.

Beeswax Santa ornaments

Beeswax Santa ornaments

Beeswax Oranments in the picture below are referred to as:
catalog #: SB12 - SB-18,
For reference, Teddy Bear SB12 measures approx 5 inches tall and Lamb SB13 measures 3 inches wide (excluding the ribbon)

Beeswax Christmas ornaments

Available in Red or Natural colored Beeswax.
Beeswax Ornaments in the picture below are referred to as (from left to right) catalog #:
SB-19, SB-20, SB-21, SB-22, SB-23
For Referece, the largest Heart SB-22 measures 5 1/2 inches across.
Price List
AB-1 Angel $8.00
AB-2 Angel, $8.00
AB-3 Angel, $8.00
AB-4 Angel, $8.00
AB-5 Angel, $8.00
SB-1 Hiking Santa, $12.00
SB-2 Belsnickle, $10.00
SB-3 Belsnickle, $10.00
SB-4 Belsnickle, $10.00
SB-5 Belsnickle, $10.00
SB-6 Belsnickle, $10.00
SB-7 Santa on Bag, $10.00
SB-8 Belsnickle, $9.00
SB-9 Belsnickle, $9.00
SB-10 Belsnickle, $9.00
SB-11 Christmas Tree $8.00
SB-12 Bear, $12.00
SB-13 Lamb, $9.00,
SB-14 Cat in Heart, $8.00
SB-15 Daisy Heart $8.00
SB-16 Floral Heart, $8.00
SB-17 Sheep, $8.00
SB-18 Pug dogs, $10.00
SB-19 Floral Heart, $8.00
SB-20 Lovebirds Heart, $9.00
SB-21 Large Kissing Lovebirds Heart, $12.00
SB-22 Daisy Heart $8.00
SB-23 Large Rose Heart $12.00
Beeswax Ornaments from Molds
shown above
SB-24 Belsnickle $10.00
SB-25 Belsnickle $10.00
SB-26 Belsnickle $10.00
SB-27 Belsnickle $11.00
SB-28 Belsnickle $12.00
SB-29 Belsnickle $9.00
SB-30 Santa with Tree $10.00
SB-31 Hiking Santa $9.00
SB-32 Santa with Tree $9.00
SB-33 Snowman $9.00

Each piece is hand-poured in all natural, deep amber colored beeswax and cast using a wonderful highly detailed antique chocolate mold.

To place an order, simply make a note of the items you are interested in and email me to confirm your order prior to filling out the order form and sending payment.

Beeswax figures are easy to care for. Keep wrapped in tissue when not in use. Over time they will develop a powdery film known as "bloom", which is an indication of the purity of the Beeswax. This is easily removed by buffing with a soft, lint free cloth, rinsing under warm (NOT hot) water, or holding a hair dryer on low setting, a few inches from the Ornament, until the shine returns. This also freshens the "sweet honey fragrance" that quality Beeswax is famed for. Keep the Beeswax Ornaments away from excessive heat sources (sunlit window, attic in Summer or close to a fireplace) as this may soften the wax. Keep at room temperature. The melting temperature for Beeswax is 142 degrees, so they are safe on Christmas Trees with lights etc.

Please contact me to place an order, answer any questions, or if you'd like more information about any of the pieces.