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Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Plastic
European Imported Christmas Chocolate Molds

Click on Images for Enlargements.

Highly detailed reproductions, in heavy duty polycarbonate plastic, of antique German chocolate molds. Each mold is double sided,
with open bottom unless otherwise specified. All molds are FDA approved,
safe for making chocolates and perfect for crafting Paper mache, Chalkware (Plaster of paris) and beeswax figures.
Size indicated is size of finished piece

Molds shown on this page are special order only. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
Note:Additional shipping charges will apply for these European imported molds on this page.

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 Belsnickle Santa
German Belsnickle Santa
#C8349; 10 1/2 inches; $150

Santa with Bag
Belsnickle Santa
with Apple Bag
#C2159A; 6 1/4"; $100.00
#C2159; 8.25 inches, $150

Bittersweet House Old World Belsnickle Santa
Belsnickle Santa
#C3049; 9 1/3"; $175.00,

Santa with Girl
#C2151A; 5 1/2"; $95.00
One In Stock, ready to ship

Santa with Children
Santa with Children
#C8317; 9 3/4"; $150.00

#C8348; 6 1/4"; $95.00,
#C8348 is Ready to ship

Heris Santa with Boy
Santa with Boy,
#C8744; 5 3/4"; $105.00

Santa on Rocking Horse
Santa on Rocking Horse
#C8337; 6 3/4"; $150.00

Belsnickle Santa in Car
Santa in Car
#C4482; 6 1/4"; $150.00

Santa on Scooter
Santa on Scooter
#C8361; 7 3/4"; $175.00

Santa Pulling Sled
Santa Pulling Sled with Angel
#C8362; 7 3/4" $165.00
In stock and ready to ship

Santa Baker with Angel
Baker Santa with Angel
#C8449; 4 1/4"; $100.00
In stock, ready to ship

Postcard mold Santa with Tree
Postcard Mold
Santa with Tree
#C810042 4 5/8"; $75.00
In stock, ready to ship

Children and Christmas Tree
Postcard Mold
Children and Christmas Tree
#C810039; 6 1/4"; $75.00,


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Please contact me to place an order, answer any questions, or if you'd like more information about any of the pieces.


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