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Click on Images for Larger View and Description of Yellow ware Rabbits, Sheep and chicks.

Typically, a 4 week delivery time period

yellow ware rabbit on rooster #R214; 5 1/2
Rabbit on Rooster (R214)
5.5 inches, $75

Yellow ware Sheep
Yelloware Lamb (R215)
4x3.5 inches, $65

Rabbit on chick (R216)
5.25 inches, $65

yelloware Rabbit   5
Dancing Rabbits (R503)
5x4 inches, $75

Yelloware Lamb #L02; 4 1/2
Yelloware Lamb (L217)
5.5 inches, $65

Hiking Rabbit(R185)
5.5 inches, $69

Bittersweet House  Chalkware Rabbit on Rooster
#R191; 5.5", $85.00

Bittersweet House  Chalkware Rabbit
#R190; 8", $78.00

Yellow ware rabbit
#R187; 10" wide, $85.00

Bittersweet House Dancing bunnies

Hiking Bunny and Bunny and Basket

Bittersweet House Yelloware Large Sitting Rabbit

Dancing Rabbits
(R301G), 6 inches, $75

Yelloware Rabbits
(R302), 5 1/2 inches, $65
(R303), 4 3/4 inches $65

Sitting Rabbit
(R304), 8 inches $85

Yelloware Rabbit, Redware egg
Rabbit in Redware Egg
(R192) 5.5 inches, $75

Yelloware Rabbit, Redware design
Rabbit w/PA German base
(R194) 6 inches, $80

Yelloware Rabbit, Redware
Yelloware Folk Rabbit
(R175) 10 inches, $95

Hunting Bunny

Standing Bunny

Yellow ware Large Elegant Walking Hare

Hunting Rabbit (R305)
4 1/2 inches, $60

Standing Rabbit(R306)
10 inches, $80

Elegant Walking Hare (R310)
6 inches, $75

Rabbit on Fish

Yelloware Large Standing Bunny

Bittersweet House Yelloware Rabbit Pair

Rabbit on Fish (R307)
, 4x5 inches, $75

Standing Rabbit(R308)
10 inches, $85

Loving Bunnies (R309)
7x6.5 inches, $75

Rockingham Glaze Rooster (R401)
7 inches, $72.00

Yelloware Large Lamb
Yelloware Sheep (L202)
5.5 inches, $65

Bittersweet House Yelloware Lamb
Yelloware Sheep (L204)
5.5 inches, $65

Large  Boxing Bunny Rabbit

Large Anton Reiche Walking Rabbit R312

Yelloware Boxing Bunny(R311)
10 inches, $85

Large Walking Hare (R312)
10 x 11.5 inches, $150

Each yellow ware piece is hand-poured in chalkware and cast using a wonderful highly detailed German antique chocolate mold. The piece is then hand painted with my Signature Yelloware finish, glazed with a light Rockingham glaze, antiqued and polished to give it the beautiful appearance of an early Yelloware pottery bowl. The Yelloware Rabbits display beautifully with Redware, spongeware, Salt Glaze Pottery or Mochaware.

Please contact me to place an order, answer any questions, or if you'd like more information about any of the pieces.