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Folk Art Chalkware Santa handcrafted from an
Antique German Chocolate Mold


Bittersweet House Folk Art creates unique hand crafted folk art by reviving a centuries old German tradition of chalkware using antique chocolate molds. Chalkware Santas, Rabbits, Lambs, and Halloween figures are hand painted with rich saturated colors and intricate designs, each capturing the warmth and beauty of a special time and the nostalgia of yesteryear. The inspiration for each piece reflects a love of flora and fauna, historical art motifs and the beauty of nature.

Through my intricate designs, I seek to bring my artistic influences to the craft, contributing to the rich tapestry of chalkware art that continues to captivate hearts and homes and celebrates tradition, artistry, and the enchanting magic of the holiday season.
Soon offering Vaillancourt chalkware from my own collection.

Please contact me by email to confirm an order, answer any questions,
or if you'd like more information about any of the chocolate mold chalkware pieces.

All pieces are hand crafted by Kathryn Campbell

Support handmade by Artisans in America